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When you need to store something, you want to be sure you're keeping it safe and protected. That's especially true of delicate items like wine, because storing it improperly can cause it to develop a sour taste. Many people keep wine at their home, but that's not always the right option.

If you have a large collection of wines, for example, or if you don't have a good space in your home where you can store it and keep it cool and away from sunlight, you may want to look for a wine storage facility, instead.

Much like a self-storage location for your extra items, these facilities are tailored to your needs and can help you protect the wine you have. Not only is that a great choice for wines you intend to drink on a special occasion, but it can also work for any wines you plan to sell.


Benefits of a Wine Storage Unit

Having a wine storage unit comes with big benefits. After all, you want to be sure any wine you have is properly protected, and isn't going to spoil. Even after years in storage, wine should still taste good. As wine often gets better with age, you may want to store some wines for years.


Other wines may only be stored for months at a time, or at specific times of the year. No matter how much wine you have, how long you need to store it, and whether you're drinking it or selling it, you want to get the biggest benefits in your wine storage facilities.


Among the most important benefits it the climate-controlled nature of wine storage. Because wine is sensitive to temperature changes and sunlight, it should be stored in a place that's cool but not cold, and dry, out of any direct sunlight. Wine storage spaces understand the importance of this, and plan for it carefully, to protect customer's wine for the long-term.


Another benefit you'll have is being able to store more wine than you might have room for at home. If you have a smaller home without a lot of extra storage, or you don't have a basement where you can store wine and keep it cool, a storage facility is the best option for your needs. It gives you a lot more room, and you'll know your wine is in a safe place where you can access it when you need it.


Most wine storage units are small, but there are options for larger ones, as well. That can help you plan for a larger collection over time, or make it easier on you if you inherit a collection of wines from a family member or friend. No matter how much storage you need, having a proper wine storage facility is worth it for the benefits you'll receive.


Don't settle for trying to put some shelves together in the basement or find a space in the spare bedroom closet. Your wine deserves good care, and you can get that from a wine storage facility.

Benefits of Renting Wine Storage Units


Wine storage all year round

When you rent a wine storage unit, you can store wine all year round. Basement storage options often aren't safe for storage in the coldest winter months, for example, and they may still get too warm in the summertime, especially if you live in a hot climate.

Rather than take the chance that your wine will get damaged, or have to move it from one place to another as the seasons change, you can put it into a wine storage facility and feel confident that it's going to be well-protected from harm no matter what the temperature is like outside. That helps with preservation and adds more peace of mind.


How wine storage works

Wine storage works by providing strong climate control and the right kind of storage location. Wine shouldn't just be stored upright, or have bottles stacked up on top of each other. Instead, it should be at the right angle, and the bottles need to be separated. That's in addition to temperature and humidity control.

When you bring your wine to a facility designed for storing it, you can put it into the right kind of space and have confidence in the facility's ability to protect it properly for you. Whether you're storing it for a short time or years, storage is a way to have wine when you want it.

Your Wine Storage Solution

As your trusted wine storage facility, we offer the solutions you're looking for to protect your wine for the long term. You can put your wine in a quality facility, make sure it's convenient for your needs, and know you can access it when you need to, without compromising the quality of the wine or the space in your home.

It's easier than ever to store everything from high-end collectors' bottles of wine to less expensive but sentimental options you don't want to part with. No matter your wine needs and goals, having the right wine storage facility adds peace of mind and security you can rely on.

It's important to remember that not all storage facilities have the same specifics, but working with us will give you the high-end experience you and your wine deserve. Whether you're storing wine for years, or just a few months, we can help.

Useful Suggestions About Wine Storage


Make sure to keep the unit cool

Keeping wine cool is extremely important, so you want to have a facility that regulates the temperature properly. Wine is more delicate than some other alcoholic beverages, and can easily become damaged from heat. Because of that, ensuring that the temperature doesn't rise too much or fluctuate more than a few degrees means better-tasting wine that lasts much longer.

If you don't use a storage facility, you'll need to regulate the temperature of your basement or other storage space very carefully, and that's not always easy to do. There's no reason to put so much pressure on yourself, because storage solves the problem. Then you won't need to spend time checking temperatures or making adjustments, and you can enjoy your wine when you want it.


But make sure it is not too cold

Even though it's extremely important to keep your wine cool and not let it get too warm, you also can't let it get too cold. Wine that gets too cold can become damaged, and that may ruin the taste or texture. Keep in mind that wine doesn't have to freeze to be harmed by temperature fluctuations, and keeping it cool but not cold is the best course of action to protect it as much as possible.

When you work with a wine storage facility you don't need to worry about your wine getting too cold, and you can put concerns with the wine's temperature out of your mind. Not worrying about whether wine is stored properly is great when it's time to drink a bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can! While there are all kinds of way people store wine bottles, it's best to store them horizontally. That keeps the cork from drying out and is considered the best storage method, especially if you're storing wine for a long period. If you can't store them that way, though, the next best option is to store then upside down.

Ideally, wine should be stored between 45 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is  between 7 and 18 degrees Celsius. Storing wine at temperatures outside of this range can cause damage to the integrity and quality of the wine, changing the taste and making it unfit to drink in some cases.

Some of them do! While it's definitely not the case for all storage facilities, there are options for facilities that offer it. Checking around can help you find the facility that's right for your needs, and that will give you good service and a climate-controlled storage environment for the best protection of any wine you own.

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