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We’re living in the age of convenience. It’s almost an expectation nowadays that every service be available at our fingertips whenever we need it or, at the bare minimum, have some on-demand features. With popular services like Amazon being able to deliver items within the hour, flexible businesses that work with our schedules are basically the norm.  When it comes to renting a self storage unit, it’s one thing to have confidence in knowing your items are safe, but it’s another to know you have access to your items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Are 24-hour self storage units safe?

24-hour self storage units don’t differ much from the average unit. Therefore, the security of your self storage unit will depend on the self storage facility itself. When searching for a 24-hour self storage unit, look at the overall reviews of the self storage facility and the safety of the neighborhood where it is located. The experiences of other customers will give you a great indication about what to expect from the management of your 24-hour self storage facility. Sometimes, reviews are even a great way to do pricing research. If a self storage facility has a habit of overcharging for these units, you can bet that it will come out in an online review!


Before making a final decision on a 24-self storage facility, ask about recent break-ins. If the property has suffered a loss, you will want to ensure that the proper measures were taken to enhance security to guard against break-ins in the future. Look for features like well-lit surroundings, security cameras, restricted access by either a keycard or personal identification number (PIN), and on-site security. Adequate lighting is necessary not only to protect against potential thieves, but you will also want to ensure that you are able to see in case you will be accessing your unit at odd hours.


When choosing a 24-hour self storage unit, choose one that is located near to security cameras in the facility. Security cameras often prevent lurkers from targeting the self storage facility in the first place. An on-site security guard offers even greater security. Another important feature to consider is the way in which self storage tenants can access the facility. Since locks are easily susceptible to tampering, enhanced security features such as assigning a PIN or access card can go a long way in keeping your items safe. With PINs and keycard access, there is an added level of security that ensures that only authorized people will have easy access to the self storage facility. Facilities with 24-hour security may even require identification to enter the self storage facility.


As an added precaution, you can also inquire about insurance for the property you will be storing in your 24-hour self storage unit. For some facilities, insurance is mandatory and the price may vary based on the size of your unit. If you will be storing particularly valuable items, then prepare to purchase a plan that will properly reimburse you in the unfortunate event that you have to file a claim.


You can use usstorageunits.com to compare security features from lots of top facilities that offer 24-hour self storage.


Our 24-hour options allow you to access your items whether by coded-access or key cards. Keep in mind, although these facilities accommodate 24-hour patrons, your security will not be comprised. All facilities have state-of-the-art security systems, with some of them also having 24-hour security patrols on the premises. You can be assured that you will be safe, along with your possessions.


Whether you need indoor, outdoor, climate-controlled, drive-up, boat, covered and uncovered parking or RV storage, our system guarantees to find you a facility that will work for you and with you. With the click of a button, you will have access to thousands of units that meet your criteria. You can’t go wrong with a unit from usstorageunits.com. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we take pride in knowing we provide the best in service.


What are you waiting for? Your 24-hour unit awaits. By the time you’re done with finding your facility and great price, you’re guaranteed to say Cheap Storage Unit!

Benefits of renting a 24 hour access storage unit


Business Owners - Entrepreneurs are perhaps most well-known for keeping odd hours. After all, businesses never sleep so they tend to follow suit. A 24-hour self storage facility can make the life of the busy business owner just a little easier. Instead of taking time away from your business to grab something from your self storage unit, the opening hours are flexible enough to match your time instead. A variety of business owners can benefit from 24-hour access to a self storage unit. With all the moving parts involved in running a business, limited access to your self storage unit is one less thing to worry about when you rent a 24-hour self storage unit.


People Who Work Non-Traditional Hours - Not everyone has the typical 9-to-5 office job. Some people in the workforce are up at the crack of dawn and other’s work the graveyard shift. If you have the type of job that doesn’t fit into the opening and closing hours of most self storage facilities, then a 24-hour self storage unit would be right for you. People who work late shifts, such as bartenders, DJs, and many others in the nightlife entertainment industry would especially benefit from a 24-hour self storage unit since most places are closed by the time a night shift would normally end.


Vehicle Storage - When storing vehicles, it’s logical that you would need access to it at your convenience. It’s not always possible to wait until a self storage facility opens if you are storing an item like a boat or RV, which you would want to use at your own leisure. Since some homeowner’s associations ban certain types of vehicles from being parked for too long in the community, a 24-hour self storage unit can assist with round-the-clock access to your vehicle. Decided on a whim to go to go fishing? Or maybe you feel the sudden urge to go on a road trip. Whichever the case, your boat or vehicle will be available any time you need it.

How to find a 24-hour self storage unit?

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to locate a 24-hour self storage unit. Facilities don’t always clearly advertise their availability. Or, some national chains with several locations across the country may not have the information about each individual storage facility on their website. In some other cases, the facility is run by a local manager so the 24-hour access can vary based on location. If you are in a position where you need 24-hour storage, usstorageunits.com has a facility for you! We provide complete and accurate listings of over 6000 facilities. With thousands of units available, we have a variety of options that can meet your needs

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