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The right vehicle storage can make all the difference in how well protected your car, truck, or other vehicle is when you aren't using it. The best way to get the storage you need is to find the option near you that fits the size, cost, and other requirements you're looking for. Depending on where you're located, that may give you a lot of options to choose from or narrow those options, instead.


Before you choose vehicle storage, make sure you know what size unit you need, how much you can and want to pay, and whether there are any special requirements for your vehicle, too. Then you can confidently choose the right storage for everything you need, close to home. Some vehicles need much more protection than others, so it's typically a good choice to make sure you understand the best way to protect yours before you make your final storage choice.


Benefits of a Vehicle Storage Unit

There are many benefits to a vehicle storage unit. The biggest one is simply the level of protection it provides. Whether you have a large RV and need a secure, fenced area for it, or you have a motorcycle and want to keep it in a storage unit designed for small vehicles, having the right storage is important. You can get other benefits, too, such as having more space in your garage or yard, and feeling confident that your vehicle is being kept out of the weather when you aren't using it.


While vehicles are meant to be used outdoors and can handle temperature changes, rain, snow, sunshine, and a lot more, over time they can still be damaged by exposure to the elements. A car left in harsh sun may experience paint fading, for example, and a motorcycle left out in rainy weather for a long time could see damage to the seat and rust on the gas tank. A vehicle storage unit will reduce the chances of those kinds of things happening, so you can take great care of your vehicle for the long term.


Even if you really love your extra vehicles, you might not have the space to keep them. If they're filling up your garage, or the neighbors are giving you trouble about the boat or RV parked in your yard or driveway, moving those vehicles to a storage space can give you more room and also help you keep the peace with the people who live around you.


That's a winning situation for everyone involved, and choosing the right storage unit means you can still get access to any of your stored vehicles whenever you need to. Some places have 24-hour access, while others keep specific hours. Make sure you look into the hours your storage facility will be open before making a choice to store your vehicles there. Then you can enjoy plenty of peace of mind.

Benefits of Renting a Vehicle Storage Space


Vehicle Storage for Business - Businesses can experience significant benefits from renting a vehicle storage space. Whether you have a lawn care business that needs to store riding mowers and other small vehicles, or you operate a canoeing company and need to store boats, any kind of business with a lot of vehicles can protect them and keep them out of the way when they have a storage unit. Especially if you're operating a small business out of your home or don't have a lot of office space, having a secure place to keep your business' vehicles is very important.


Vehicle Storage for Individuals - While businesses use vehicle storage, most of the time these spaces are taken by individuals. You may have a boat or RV you don't use very often, a jet ski, a motorcycle, a vehicle you're restoring, or even several different vehicles that all need their own, unique kinds of storage spaces. You can't keep a vehicle in a standard storage space, but you can rent more than one type of vehicle storage option. Then you can protect all different types of cars, trucks, and more, and access them at your convenience. It's a great way to enjoy your vehicles fully.


Vehicle Storage for Car Collectors - Car collectors often choose vehicle storage units, because they may have multiple cars to protect. If you have a car collection, or you're trying to start one, making sure you have a safe and secure space for each one of your vehicles is vital. Whether you're buying them in mint condition or purchasing them for restoration, you want to keep your vehicles where you can access them when it's convenient for you, and where they won't get damaged by the elements or be at risk of theft or other issues that could harm their value.


Other Types of Vehicles That Can Use a Storage Unit - Most people think of cars, trucks, and motorcycles when it comes to storage units, along with RVs. You can also use a storage facility for boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, riding lawnmowers, motorized bicycles, and any other type of vehicle you can think of. As long as you find a facility with the size and type of space you need, you can keep nearly any vehicle you want stored there, and access it when you need it. Not only does that provide peace of mind for protecting the vehicles you love, but it also gives you more room at home.

Your Vehicle Storage Solution

We are your vehicle storage solution, so you can get the right space for any and all vehicles you have and need to protect. From a classic car you inherited to the motorcycle you purchased for those fun, summer months, there are vehicles that mean a lot to you. Keeping them safe matters, and you might not be able to keep them all at your home or place of business.


But you don't want to let them sit out in the elements, especially if that could damage them or put them at risk. With our vehicle storage solution options you can get storage units, covered spaces, and fenced-in areas to protect all the vehicles you love and enjoy. There's no reason to settle for less than your vehicles deserve, when you can protect them properly and for the long term.

Type of Vehicles that Can be Stored in a Storage Unit


Motorcycles, ATVs, and Wave Runners - Small vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, and wave runners can be easily stored in a small unit because they don't take up a lot of space. Depending on the size of the storage unit you rent, you could even get several of these vehicles in one of them. That could bring your cost down versus renting a unit for each item, and can also make accessing your vehicle collection more convenient and efficient, as well. If you have these kinds of vehicles and need to keep them safe, a storage facility that handles vehicles is a great choice.


Small Cars, Antiques, and Collector Cars - A small car, especially if it's an antique or collector car, will fit into a vehicle storage unit pretty easily. Even if you have a larger collector or antique vehicle, though, you can find a storage unit that will accommodate it. You'll want to look for one that's a few feet larger than the vehicle you're storing, so you can cover it, move around it easily, and get it in and out of the unit safely. That will help protect it while stored, and reduce the chances of damage when moving it into or out of the unit.


Trucks, Vans and SUVs - You can rent a larger vehicle storage unit if you have a truck, van, or SUV that needs to be stored. However, you might not find a space that's fully enclosed for a vehicle that size. Instead, you can consider a covered space like a carport, where you can either pull your vehicle in or back it in, and know that it's in a secure area with proper protection. This is a great option for a vehicle you don't drive that often, or one that you don't have space for at your house.


Recreational Vehicles or RVs - Large vehicles like RVs aren't going to fit into storage units, but they can be stored under a carport-style cover or even out in the open, in a fenced-in and secure area. This gives them protection and also a place to sit when they're not in use. Depending on where you live and the other vehicles you have, it might not be feasible to keep your RV at your house. But a local storage solution can solve the problem for you, giving you plenty of outdoor space at your home and keeping your RV in a safe space, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The kind of security your vehicle has will depend on the facility and the type of unit you choose. Look for a gated facility that has cameras, and choose a fully enclosed unit if your vehicle will fit. That can help you have additional protection for any vehicle you store there, giving you peace of mind and helping you access your vehicle as needed.

In the majority of storage facilities, you can't work on your vehicle while it's there. That's largely because of liability risks if you get injured, as well as the possibility that you could damage the facility or something that belongs to another person renting a unit and storing their vehicle. If you need to work on your stored vehicle, you'll have to move it elsewhere to do that.

Most vehicle storage facilities require you to sign a contract. That helps protect them and you, and also gives you the details you need to know about what you can and can't do on the premises. Because you have a contract, you have proper legal protection. You'll be able to address any issues fairly, and you'll also be covered if the facility doesn't hold up their end of the agreement.

In most cases, you can put more than one vehicle in a storage unit. That's especially true with something small, such as motorcycles or ATVs, because they don't take up much room. Renting a larger unit makes it easy to get several small vehicles inside it safely and comfortably. Make sure to ask the facility, though, and read your contract, so you don't accidentally break the rules.

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