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Cheap Vehicle Storage Units

There are many reasons to store your motorized vehicles. They range from complying with local city ordinances, finding a secure place while you are out of town, to finding a place to protect vehicles from weather conditions, to name a few.

What Type of Vehicles could be Stored in Vehicle Storage.

Vehicle Storage Spaces has 1000's of vehicle storage facilities in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada for your convenience. A variety of motor vehicles, could be stored at these facilities. Most common are motorcycles, jet ski's, automobiles, trucks, boats and RV's, However, almost any motorized vehicle can be stored including private and commercial buses, large wheel based trucks and heavy equipment, as well as small and large trailers.

  • What Type of Lease Agreement do I Need.

    Typically leases are month to month, So you could store for as short as a month or as long as you need the storage unit. If you need it for a shorter time, like for a week, anticipate paying the facility for the month. Most storage facilities will not pro-rate for less than a month. If you need a storage space for a longer term, like a year; the facility might offer a better deal if you agree to pay them in advance.

  • Price for a Vehicle Storage Unit may Vary, depending on the Amenity you Choose.

    When choosing a vehicle storage unit, facilities will offer a range of options that vary from a parking space, covered parking space to an fully enclosed storage unit. Parking your vehicle in a designated parking area, on an asphalt surface and marked with colored lines. A covered storage space is similar to a parking space, but offers an awning or metal roof, protecting the vehicle from direct rain, snow and sun. A fully enclosed vehicle storage space, would be a drive up storage unit that is used for vehicles storage. This would be your safest and most expensive option, since the vehicle would be completed enclosed, with a roll up door and padlocked.

  • How Secure will Your Vehicle be in a Storage Facility.

    Most of the storage facilities are gated, well lit and offer surveillance cameras and sometimes the manager lives on the property. So regardless of the storage amenity you choose, you could comfortable knowing that your vehicle is secure.

    To further insure your vehicle you could inquire as to if the storage facility offers insurance against theft or damage to your vehicle. If not, you might want to check with automobile insurance carrier to see what your coverage is while storing.

Helpful Storage Tips to Assist you when Storing Your Vehicle.

  • If you need long-term storage, you may want to consider an indoor climate-controlled unit. This way, your interior and exterior will be preserved and your car will be protected from the elements.

  • When reserving your self-storage unit, make sure you’re getting one that’s large enough for your vehicle and any other items that may need to be stored.

  • Some facilities require that the vehicle be registered and insured, in driving condition and titled in the renters name.

  • Check for oil or radiant fluid leaks.

  • Check that the tires are in proper condition prior to storing your vehicle so that it may be moved in the event of an emergency.

Search for a vehicle storage space by entering a city or zip code and find 100's of storage locations which offer vehicle storage options. Compare prices, specials, amenities and book a storage unit online, no credit card or deposit is required. By booking online, you will get the best deal, and hold the vehicle space so that it will be available on your move in date.