Find Boat Storage Near You

Storing a boat is often the most challenging aspect of boat ownership. You want easy access to the boat so you can use it whenever the chance arises, but boats take up a lot of space and need quality storage options. Home security can also be a challenge.


Storing at home often is not viable, so you need access to a professional storage unit.


If you have ever struggled to find a good unit, that pain is over. We have locations around the country, making it easy to find a convenient, protected storage center that can keep your boat safe for long and short storage sessions.


With a wide range of storage units at every location, you can find the perfect option to park your boat when it’s not on the water.


Benefits of a Boat Storage Unit

When you use the services of a self storage facility with boat storage, you get a few powerful benefits that are hard to overlook. Those benefits include security, protection, and convenience.


Security comes up first and is in many ways the most important. All facilities are professionally maintained, and only people with approved access can get in. That prevents theft and vandalism attempts, keeping your boat that much safer. Professional security is difficult to maintain at home, and it’s one of the best reasons to consider a storage unit in the first place.


In addition to security, storage units can offer superior protection from the elements. Storage facilities with boar storage have covered and enclosed units, including dry storage stacks — allowing you to completely protect your boat from the elements at affordable rates.


Without those units, protecting your boat is often tough. Do you have an enclosed space at home for the boat? Does it even have a covered spot? Boat covers and protective measures help, but if you want the best protection, professional storage goes a long way.


Last is convenience. Storing a boat at home takes up a lot of space. In virtually every case, it’s more convenient to save that space and park your boat at a storage center. Beyond that, storage facilities have enough open space that hitching and unhitching your boat is easy. You can actually access your boat more conveniently in a professional storage unit than at home — in the vast majority of cases.

Benefits of Renting a Boat Storage Unit


Boat Storage for Your Small Vessel - With a range of storage options, you can find a great fit for small vessels. Motorboats, fishing boats, and similar craft can fit nicely in any of our locations, allowing you to keep your boat safe and well without overpaying for storage you don't need. Even small vessels take up a lot of space at home, but in our storage centers, your small vessel can tuck into the most affordable units rather easily.


Protect Your Boat Before Storing - While a boat cover can go a long way, you can also keep your boat in a covered spot throughout the active season. Before it's time for winter storage, you can keep your boat accessible but still protected in any of our covered spots. What matters most is that your efforts won’t be wasted. You take great care of your boat, so you want off-season storage to maintain those efforts and protect your boat as much as possible.


Dry Stacked Boat Storage - Dry-stacked storage is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to keep your boat fully protected when it's not on the water. Our locations offer storage stacks that make it easy for you to get your boat in and out of storage while minimizing the costs of your boat storage unit. This provides you with covered storage that costs considerably less than individualized garage units (which are also available when you want them).


Storing Your Boat in Your Garage - Garage storage is appealing. If you have the space for it, you can keep it on hand and ready to go whenever you want. That's a big if. Even if your garage does have the space, you won't have room for much else. When you store with us, you get your garage back. You can certainly use your garage for short, convenient stints, but your dedicated storage spot will serve you well during longer stores.

Your Boat Storage Solution

We're here to provide you with comprehensive options for boat storage. With locations around the country, we have convenient places to store a wide range of boats in the manner that you prefer. With covered, open, and enclosed storage options, you can take great care of your boat while maintaining easy access to it when you're ready for some time on the water.


Best of all, you can make use of different locations on a boating journey. If you want to take your boat and explore lakes across the country, you can find short-term storage units all along the way, giving you that much more freedom with your trip and planning.


Of course, long-term storage is always available as well, ensuring that your boat always has a safe home.

Different Types of Boat Storage Units


Enclosed Self Storage Units  - Enclosed self-storage units offer the highest levels of protection for your boat. Completely sealed away from the elements, these units are great for long-term storage, such as during an off-season. The units also maintain easy access, so you can use it just as freely for a short sting in between trips when you're boating all the time. Enclosed units also offer individual locking options, increasing overall security for your boat. When you want the very best for your boat, these units are the way to go.


Covered Storage Units - Covered units allow you to save money while still protecting your boat. These units have professionally maintained overhead covers, much like a parking port. You won't have to worry about hail or falling debris, keeping your boat safe even during inclement weather. Because these units aren't walled, they're a little easier to access and can save you some money. If you want great protection at competitive prices and easy access, these units offer the all-around experience.


Uncovered Storage Units - Uncovered units are the most accessible and the most affordable. You can think of these units as parking spots for a boat, but they are sized appropriately for a wide range of boats. Getting your boat in and out of these spots is the easiest, and since they cost the least, they're a great option for many boat owners. They’re the best option when saving money and getting the boat away from the house are your top priorities.


Pricing Differences - The storage unit you pick will impact the price. Prices mostly depend on the type of space and its size. Since boats come in all shapes and sizes, so do the spaces. Pricing goes up with storage size and the level of protection, meaning uncovered units can save you the most money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each storage facility uses automated gates. You can open the gate with a remote key or an access code.

Almost all self storage locations are completely fenced and use automated gates to control access. Only employees of the site and storage renters have access, keeping everyone else out. You will be given access to the gates when you lease a unit, and the gates close automatically to keep the site safe. Garage units can be individually locked and secured as an extra measure.

You can keep the lease as long as you like. It does not require a boat to be in storage. You can also cancel the lease if you like and start a new lease after your trip. Keep in mind that space is not guaranteed when you cancel a lease.

Basic internal cleaning is fine, but major repairs and maintenance should be conducted off-site. That includes exterior washing, sealing, painting, and engine work.

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