Find Trailer Storage Units Near You

If you're looking for trailer storage near you, you want to find the best options for your specific needs. Not only does that mean choosing a good quality storage facility, but also making sure you have the size space you want and any amenities you expect. Some people want and need a more enclosed location for their trailer, while others are just looking for a place to park it.


No matter which you want, though, there are trailer storage options that will fit your lifestyle. When you choose the one that gives you quality, value, and security, you can have peace of mind. Then, you know your trailer will be there when you want to use it, and protected when it's being stored. The level of security varies between storage locations, so shopping around to find the best one for your needs is very important.


Benefits of a Trailer Storage Unit

A trailer storage unit has big benefits. One of the biggest reasons to use this kind of storage is security. When you store your trailer at a facility designed for this purpose, you reduce the chances that it will be stolen or damaged. That's because trailer storage facilities have fences, cameras, secure access, and other measures to protect the trailers that are stored there in ways that might be harder for you to do at home.


Another good reason to use this kind of storage is that it gives you a place to park your trailer if you don't have room at your house. While a small trailer might fit into a garage space or sit in your driveway, you might want the room in your garage for another vehicle. If you have an HOA for your neighborhood, you could have rules and bylaws that don't allow a trailer to be parked in your driveway or yard, or on the street in front of your house.


A trailer can be great fun, but most people only use their trailer a few times per year. The rest of the time it sits empty, waiting for the next vacation adventure. It's easy and convenient to park it at a trailer storage facility, where you know it has proper security and you can get to it easily when you want to get it ready for your trip. The peace of mind that comes with this option can really make a difference, and help you enjoy your trailer even more for the long term.


Finding the right storage unit is important, though, because they aren't all the same. When you choose the best one for your needs, you don't have to worry about your trailer any longer. Then, you can focus on other areas of your life, knowing that you can access your trailer, make any repairs or updates, and prepare it for your next trip as easily as possible, so it will always be ready to go.

Benefits of Renting Trailer Storage


Storage for a Small Trailer - Small trailers can be stored outdoors in parking spaces, or in enclosed units that are very similar to a standard self-storage unit. When you have a small trailer you might also think about just storing it on your property, but that can put it at risk of being damaged or even stolen. A trailer storage unit is a better choice since it gives you added protection for your small trailer and reduces the chances that someone will try to vandalize it or take it from you. It's important to know that your trailer is protected when it's not in use.


Prepare Your Trailer for Storage - When you get your trailer ready for storage you want to make sure you secure it properly. That's especially true if you're storing it outside in an enclosed lot. Even if you put your trailer in a completely enclosed unit, though, you also want to make sure it's ready for its downtime. That can include ensuring that the axle is lubricated properly and that the hitch has a pin or other lock that prevents someone from hooking up to your trailer and hauling it away. You need to make sure it's ready to sit without damage.


HOA Restrictions Regarding Trailers - If you live in a community that has an HOA, you might find that you have restrictions against having a trailer sitting in your driveway or yard. Some HOA neighborhoods allow trailers to be stored in a garage or backyard where they're out of sight, and some don't want you to have trailers on your property at all. With that in mind, you'll want to take a look at your specific HOA's rules and requirements, so you can determine whether you need to store your trailer somewhere else to avoid fines or other trouble.


Storing Your Trailer in Your Garage - For a very small trailer, garage storage could be the right answer. That can mean you don't have to store your trailer off site, at a storage facility. However, you probably use your garage for other things, and if that's the case you don't want to have to move everything around, or figure out where to put things. Still, a small trailer can fit comfortably if you have a larger garage. For example, if you have a two-car garage and only one vehicle, you could park your trailer in the space for a second car.

Your Trailer Storage Solution

The right trailer storage solution is the one you can rely on to protect your trailer and keep it safe while it's not in use. Whether that's a fully enclosed space such as your garage, or an open spot like a parking space, there are options to consider. Many people choose something in between these two options, which is like a carport and provides some protection.


This can be a good choice for many trailers because it keeps some of the harshest weather away but doesn't require a fully enclosed location that might not accommodate a large trailer. Finding out what works best for you is important, and helps you shop around, so you can find the best storage for your particular needs. The right solution for trailer storage is the one that's best for your requirements, security, and budget.

Different Types of Trailer Storage Units


Covered Storage for Your Trailer - Covered storage is a great way to protect your trailer from the elements without the need to fully enclose it. This is like a carport, but built on a larger scale to accommodate motorhomes and trailers. An RV port is one of the most popular choices when someone needs to keep the sun and rain off of their trailer, but it's less costly than a fully indoor location large enough to protect multiple trailers. Unless you have a very small trailer, the RV port option is the most common way to increase security and protection for a reasonable price.


Uncovered Storage for Your Trailer - Uncovered storage is also commonly used for trailers, and this is simply a parking space. It's exposed to the elements, but it's typically inside of a fenced enclosure or other secure area. That way, your trailer will be protected from vandalism and theft, and you have a place to park it that's not at your house. If you don't have room to park your trailer at your home or don't want it in your driveway or yard, this can be a good option to keep it safe and access it when you want or need to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trailer Storage

You can store your trailer for as long as you like, and most trailer storage facilities operate much like self-storage units. You'll make a monthly payment to keep using the storage space, and notify the facility when you intend to stop using it. Depending on the facility you choose, your contract may have additional provisions you need to follow.

Most of the time, there are set hours that the facility's gates are open. That means you can access your trailer during those times, but not at other times of the day. If you need to be able to get access to your trailer at any time, look for a facility that offers 24/7 options for access, such as through the use of a gate code.

The type of security you need will depend on the kind of trailer you have, its value, and your specific concerns about it. At a minimum, though, look for a facility that has an enclosed, fenced lot, and that uses cameras. If you find one with controlled access that's even better, because you want to feel good about where you store your trailer.

An RV port isn't required when you store your trailer, but it can definitely help protect it. Choosing this kind of storage option will keep the sun and rain off of your trailer and reduce the chances that it will get damaged or need repair from exposure to the elements. However, many people use open storage for their trailer without problems.

In some cases you can store your trailer in a large, fully enclosed building. This is similar to the way some boats are stored for the winter months or when they aren't being used for a while. However, these facilities aren't nearly as common and can be cost-prohibitive. Fenced lots with open parking spaces, or lots with RV ports are much more typical options for trailer storage.

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