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Cheap Climate Controlled Storage Units

Our customers frequently prefer climate-controlled self-storage units for a variety of reasons. You may have items that are susceptible to the elements and need to be in a controlled environment or have electronics or papers that should be stored at an acceptable temperature for the best preservation.

There are many items that should not be stored in ordinary airless units. Books, works of art and leather are perfect examples. Items like these won’t work in drive-up units or facilities that don’t allow a controlled circulation of air. Depending on where you are located, your climate may change every couple of months. has thousands of units that can accommodate your needs. No matter where you are, a quick search will get you what you need, when you need it. There’s no comparison to making the right choice for your investment.

Here are some quick tips to decide whether or not a climate-controlled unit is best for you. If you have anything on this list, you may want to make this type of unit a priority:

  • Any electronic devices

  • Photographic equipment

  • Important papers

  • Computers, software

  • Clothing or leather jackets

  • Photos

  • Medical supplies

Although this list is not exhaustive, this is a good place to start. When in doubt, either ask or go with your gut. If you feel your items will be better off in a climate-controlled unit, chances are you’re right!

Climate controlled storage units from US Storage Units will keep your items safe when you need offsite facilities. You don't always have the room to store items in your home or business. It also isn't always safe to store items in leaky basements, drafty garages, hot attics, cramped office spaces or outdoor locations. Some items are temperature sensitive. They require an indoor environment where the temperature is always in control and is safe from water, heat and cold conditions.

Select from a 5 x 5 unit, 10 x 10 unit, or 10 x 15 unit to obtain the right size for the number of possessions you have. The unit is kept at the ideal temperature with full air ventilation to prevent temperature and weather damage.

Climate Controlled Storage for Businesses

Companies acquire assets that must be kept in an alternate location. Paper documents, extra office furniture, office equipment, software, extra merchandise and other items. Climate controlled storage allows businesses to store their office assets without selling them, taking up office space or cluttering warehouse areas. We offer both an inside unit and first floor storage unit. So a company can easily unload and load heavy items without lugging them up stairs. Also, consider using a secure storage unit if your business is downsizing or moving to a new location.

Climate Controlled Storage for Individuals

People moving to a new apartment, families looking for extra space storage, and college students keeping extra dorm items safe can take advantage of US Storage Units. With our variety of storage unit sizes and offering a $1 for the first month special, individuals can take advantage of the great prices and roomy spaces to fit all of their items. You can store furniture, extra sports equipment, seasonal clothing, electronics, musical instruments, recorded media, photographs, and so much more. You can even store wine and vehicles in the units. When the item is temperature sensitive, placing it in a storage unit will allow you to maintain its value and still be usable in the future.

Climate Controlled Storage for Collectors

Collectors and hobbyists may accumulate large collections that cannot be stored in their homes or places of business. These items may have significant value and should not be damaged in the environment that they are stored in. Climate controlled storage provides the spaces that are needed to keep moisture, humidity and extreme temperatures at bay. You can preserve your items for as long as they are needed while having full access to the facility when you sell off items to interested buyers.

Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

It's not always ideal to move to a different home or business location when running out of storage. Anything that is not in immediate use can be moved into a climate controlled storage unit to make sure the equipment, furniture or any other possession will be kept safe. You won't have to constantly move the items from one room or office area to another just to move around or do work.

In addition to having a controlled temperature in the storage units, these facilities also ensure that air ventilation will be at adequate levels. Items can hold in heat or build up moisture when placed too close to other items. In addition, clothing, upholstery and books can take on musty smells when in warm and damp locations. Climate controlled storage keeps the temperate even and the air constantly circulating so items do not take on musty odors, mildew or become damaged.

Another important factor with climate controlled storage involves controlling pest invasions. Mice and insects can ruin possessions stored in closets, attics or garages. They can also breed in enclosed locations that lack proper air ventilation. With US Storage Units, our facilities take proactive pest control actions. We keep the pests away all day, every day, so items are safe as you can have peace of mind that your possessions won't be damaged.

Lastly, climate controlled storage units are easy to access. We also offer 24-hour storage unit facilities with code access and key card entry along with 24-hour security patrols. You don't have to worry about not gaining access to the items when you need them. You can sleep better at night knowing that your possessions are well protected.

Which Items to Place into Storage?

Are you still unsure about which possessions to store in a climate-controlled unit? Consider the climate at your location and the characteristics of the item. Will it be more susceptible to heat, cold, humidity, or moisture? Also, do you live in an environment that experiences drastic temperature extremes during the summer and winter? You also want to consider if the environment produces a lot of moisture and humidity. If you said yes to several of these factors, then a climate controlled unit may be ideal for your situation.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether you have the indoor or outdoor space to keep the items in storage and the means to always control the temperature. While you may have an extra storage space in your home or business, the storage space may go through differing temperature changes. If you cannot constantly monitor the indoor or outdoor storage space to maintain the appropriate temperature, or the space lacks proper air ventilation, consider placing it into a dedicated climate controlled storage unit.

US Storage Units: Your Climate Controlled Storage Solution

US Storage Units is the leading climate controlled storage aggregator in the nation. We help individuals, businesses and collectors store their possessions in a safe manner. We have storage facilities located across the country to accommodate your temperature-sensitive items. Simply pick the facility closest to your location. Our professional staff will help you decide on the right size storage unit for your possessions.

Get started today and take advantage of our $1 for the first month special. You'll obtain the storage unit in the right size — 5 x 5, 10 x 10 or 10 x 15 — that will accommodate all of your items. Contact our staff to set up your storage unit reservation.