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Storing a car when you don't have room in your garage is challenging. There are many types of car storage available, and you will need to find the right one for your type of car and your storage needs. You'll also want to find storage near your location so you can access your vehicle quickly when you want to.


Car storage includes everything from uncovered storage that resembles a parking lot to climate-controlled, enclosed garage space. It can be private or shared. As you consider your options, consider the pros and cons of the various types of car storage to find the one that best fits your needs.


Benefits of a Car Storage Unit

There are many reasons to consider renting car storage if you have a vehicle you don't use regularly. First, it provides a safe, secure place to store a vehicle you don't use regularly. With storage, you don't have to worry about theft, vandalism, or damage from unwanted weather exposure. These units have secure entry and exit, so vandals and thieves cannot access your vehicle.


Storage also frees up space in your personal garage for the vehicles you use daily and the personal items you want close at hand. When your car isn't in the garage, you'll have more space for your lawn care equipment, sporting equipment, and household items. This extra space also means you can be more organized.


Few people have enough personal garage space for recreational or collector cars, and placing them in storage means you don't have to clutter up the driveway with your vehicle or, worse, park it on the lawn and risk damaging your grass. Your yard stays clutter-free, and your vehicle stays protected.


Not only that but many types of car storage are protected from the elements. UV radiation can fade paint, and hail can dent and damage a vehicle. You have no control over these types of weather events, but they can cause costly damage. Placing your vehicle in storage can protect against these risks. You don't have to worry about hail or sun damage when your vehicle is safely protected under a canopy or in an enclosed storage unit.


All of these benefits add up to peace of mind. You'll have confidence that your vehicle is protected and safe while enjoying the freedom of more personal space in your own garage and driveway. When you want to use your vehicle, it's readily accessible for you.

Benefits of Renting a Car Storage


Car Storage for Your Antique Car - Antique cars represent a sizable investment, and they can easily be damaged by the elements. Yet these are not the cars people drive for day-to-day driving needs. Instead, they're pulled out occasionally for rides through town when the weather's excellent or for car shows. They're also a prime target for thieves. As such, they're a perfect option to put in a storage unit. The paint and aesthetics can remain in pristine condition, and the car will be readily available when you head out to your next car show or event.


Car Storage for Individuals - Sometimes, your car isn't unique or antique, but it is in the way. Perhaps you're saving a vehicle for your child's 16th birthday, or maybe you inherited a vehicle you aren't ready to sell yet. Regardless of the reason, if you have a vehicle that you don't use on a regular basis, then consider renting a car storage unit. You'll protect it from hazards and ensure it's ready when needed. Choosing car storage near you will also ensure you can access the vehicle whenever necessary.


Car Storage for Car Collectors - If you're building a car collection, you will need to consider storage options. A collection can quickly overtake your home, making it less enjoyable and more frustrating for yourself and your family. After all, few people have garages or warehouses on their personal properties to store a large car collection. Renting car storage will help you protect and enjoy your car collection. The right storage unit will also make it easy to look at and appreciate all of the cars in your collection without needing a large space on your own property.


Car Storage for Business - Businesses can also benefit from car storage. If your business has a fleet of work vehicles or company cars, you need a safe place to store them when not in use. Without a parking garage, car storage is the right solution. Storage units also work well for companies that have vehicles they only need seasonally. Either way, storage units mean you have a safe and accessible option for your vehicles so that you can use your business property for money-making endeavors. It's also a more cost-effective option than having on-site storage because you can share the cost of the storage unit with other customers.

Your Car Storage Solution

As you shop for car storage, make sure you find a unit that meets your needs well. There are multiple types of car storage, and each one has its own benefits.


One of the key factors to look for is location. While you might find a cheaper storage unit farther away from your home or business, this will make it harder to use your vehicle. Balance price with location, and try to choose a unit close to home.


Next, consider the hazards that are the most challenging for your vehicle. Is there a danger of damage from the sun, or are extreme temperatures more of a risk for your area? Do you have a high theft risk, or is the main risk from exposure to the elements? This will help you choose the right storage solution for your needs.


Once you know your needs, use an online search to find storage near you that has the features you need.

Different Types of Car Storage Units


Enclosed Self Storage Units - Enclosed self storage units are like a garage, but at a storage facility rather than your own home. They have doors that slide open and closed, and they are fully enclosed to protect them from the elements. You'll be able to drive in and out when you need your vehicle. These units can be climate-controlled or not climate-controlled, but you will pay more for climate control. Sometimes, you can use an enclosed self storage unit to hold personal items as well as your vehicle to get the most use out of your unit.


Covered Storage Units - Covered storage units are open on the sides but have a roof over the parking area. These units are similar to a carport. They will protect against sun and hail, but not extreme temperatures. This can be a cost-effective storage option when you only need to store a vehicle and nothing else. Covered storage units may combine multiple customers under one large cover or offer individual covered spaces to each customer. You can add a tarp or weather-protecting cover to the vehicle to give it added protection.


Uncovered Storage Units - Uncovered storage units are basically parking places in a secure parking area. This is the ideal solution if you need cost-effective storage and aren't concerned about the weather. Uncovered storage units protect against theft and vandalism, as they often have secure gates to keep unwanted visitors out. This type of storage can be beneficial for car collectors and businesses with many vehicles to store. This type of storage also works well for winter storage for recreational vehicles.


Pricing Differences - As you shop for car storage, keep an eye on the pricing of the various units. The more features a unit has, the more it will cost. One of the most costly storage units will be a covered, climate-controlled unit. Uncovered storage for vehicles is typically the most affordable. That said, added security measures, such as video surveillance or controlled entry keypads, can increase the price, and location will also impact the price. Safer neighborhoods have higher prices for storage. To compare storage, use our online search tool to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before storing your car, wash and potentially wax it. Then, make sure the antifreeze is set for the season. Add fuel stabilizer to make sure the fuel will last up to 12 months. Change or top off all fluids. Vacuum it to remove crumbs that might attract pests. Finally, remove the battery and store it separately.

No, most climates don;t require climate control for vehicle storage. Unless your area has extreme temperatures, you can get by without it. Only very delicate vehicles or vehicles stored in areas with extreme cold or heat need the added feature of climate control. Keep in mind that climate control adds to the cost of storage.

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