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Cheap Car Storage Units

Car Storage

If you have a cluttered garage or you're looking for a place to store an extra vehicle, car storage can be the perfect choice. There are a lot of reasons why it's a good idea, because it gives you additional benefits you may not expect — such as a higher level of peace and mind and an opportunity to take up that new hobby now that there's space in the garage again. Here are some of the great reasons to choose vehicle storage and free up that space in your garage or driveway, along with information on what you really should consider when taking a vehicle in and out of storage. You're storing your vehicle to protect it, and you want to make sure you treat it right when you store it and when you start driving it again.

Car Storage is Convenient

If you don't have a good place to keep your vehicle, it can be in the way of other things you're trying to do. It can also be a problem if it's left out in the elements, or if it's in harsh conditions when it really should be protected. There are both uncovered unit and covered unit options to consider for storing a car, and everything from a 10 x 10 unit for something like a motorcycle to a 25' parking space for larger vehicles is available. Make it easy on yourself by storing your car in a place you feel good about, so you don't need to worry about it and can have more space at your home. Whether you have a single car garage and more than one vehicle, or you live in an apartment with only one assigned parking space, storing another vehicle offsite can be very convenient.

Storing a Vehicle Provides Peace of Mind

Sometimes, storing a vehicle isn't about space. It's about peace of mind, instead. If you live in a neighborhood where car theft is a problem, have an antique or exotic vehicle, or need to more fully protect your car for any reason, storing it in a secure facility could be the right choice. Car storage is a great way to add more protection to your vehicle, and give you a parking space that's dedicated to your vehicle. A lot of people feel better storing their summer vehicles in the winter, for example, if they live in an area where the conditions are very harsh during the colder months. People also often store things like boats and motorcycles, so they don't have to worry about anything happening to those vehicles when they're not using them.

Choose a Fully Enclosed Unit for Extra Protection

For a vehicle that needs more protection, choosing a fully enclosed unit is the right way to go. These units are more like standard storage units, with a door that can be shut and locked to protect the items inside. Enclosed units aren't the same as covered units, and do much more than just keeping the sun and rain off the vehicle. Vulnerable vehicles like motorcycles are a good choice for an enclosed unit, as are classic or show vehicles and project cars that are being worked on or improved. Protecting these vehicles is much easier when they're put into an enclosed, secure space.

Uncovered Unit Options Can Be the Right Choice

For vehicles that aren't at risk from exposure to the elements, an uncovered unit may work well. It's more like just having a parking space, but that may be all that's needed. An extra vehicle in an area of the country where conditions aren't too harsh, or a bigger vehicle that needs a 25' parking space, like an RV or a bigger boat, can go into an uncovered unit pretty easily in most cases. The uncovered unit won't give the same level of protection as a covered or enclosed one, but it will still provide a place to keep a vehicle if you don't have room at your home or you need to get the extra vehicle out of your driveway or garage.

With a 25' Parking Space, You Have More Room

For a lot of people, a 10 x 10 unit is perfect for a motorcycle, ATV, or similar vehicle, and a 20' space is big enough for their car or truck. But there are times when a 25' space is needed because it allows for additional room. RVs and large boats often need this kind of space, and a bigger parking area can be required. By using this larger area, there will be less risk of the vehicle getting damaged. It's not a good idea to try to put a vehicle into a space that's too small for it, because there's too much chance of dents, scrapes, dings, and other problems. But a space that's just a little larger can make all the diference for anyone who needs to store their vehicle the right way.

Storing a Vehicle Takes Good Preparation

Don't forget to prepare your vehicle for storage. Change the oil and filter, give it a good checkup, and be sure that there aren't any issues like fluid leaks. Then clean it well and put it in its storage location. When you have it in storage, it's a good idea to drive it around for 15 minutes every couple of weeks if that's possible. In some cases that simply can't be done, and vehicles can handle sitting for longer periods of time. You may find that the battery goes dead, though, so be prepared for that when you take the vehicle out of storage again. Before taking a car out of storage, check it over carefully, make sure the tires are properly inflated, and look for any pests that might have entered the engine compartment or other areas. Then you cand take your vehicle out of storage and enjoy driving it again.