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Cheap Business Storage Units

In business organizations, space is a valuable commodity. Businesses that have to store physical products are sometimes presented with the issue of needing to source a safe and reliable place to keep these items. Even businesses that don’t sell physical goods can still employ the use of self storage to house documents, equipment, and other business materials. Instead of throwing away office equipment that is not being presently used, self storage can offer a great alternative until business owners can either sell or put the equipment to good use once more.

Business Storage

Both small business owners and large business owners can take advantage of the low-cost storage provided by your local storage facility. Since businesses will never complain about their surroundings being too empty, there are many reasons business owners can use storage units to free up valuable commercial space. In fact, some businesses even use self storage units as a space to operate; it is not uncommon to see personal trainers using self storage units to train clients or entrepreneurs using them as offices. Small-time hobbyists sometimes use self storage as workstations. People across industries can benefit from the versatility and convenience offered by renting business storage. can assist you with all your business and commercial storage needs. As a leader in this industry, we direct you to the best self-storage units throughout the United States. Our facilities operate at optimum levels, providing a complete storage experience. Our facilities can accommodate any industry. Whether you need drive up, outside, covered, uncovered or climate-controlled units, we can service your every need. With, you can find a wide range of commercial storage options, including:

  • Document storage - in the age of cloud technology, paper still remains relevant. Some businesses also prefer to store sensitive data on paper instead of electronically since it is impossible to hack. If you have to produce a lot of paperwork, then free up space around your office by utilizing self storage to store business documents.
  • Warehouse storage - if you have an ecommerce business or are in an industry where you need a lot of space to store products, then you can search for self storage facilities that offer warehouse storage. These self storage options also come with handy features such as loading docks to facilitate customers who need to move and store very large items.
  • Office equipment storage - Downsizing an office or moving to a new one? You can use business storage to put away furniture, electronics, and other office equipment until you are ready to use them. Putting them away in self storage will ensure that they are kept safe until you are ready to utilize these items once more.
  • Retail inventory storage - Owning a storefront takes up a lot of space. Since it is impossible to put all your inventory on display at once, you will need a place to store them. Take advantage of affordable self storage rental options to safely and securely put away inventory so you can have easy access to them for your business needs.
  • Sales storage - Business storage provides the perfect solution for those looking for a place to put away marketing samples and materials. You can rent a self storage unit to keep your sales samples to keep them from cluttering your home.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supplies storage - Pharmaceutical reps and medical professionals often have drug samples that they need to store in a cool, dry, and safe place. Business storage offers climate controlled options to ensure that items like medication will not be damaged due to extreme temperature fluctuation. Sales reps can access inventory whenever necessary by renting 24-hour self storage units. This is incredibly convenient since these roles often require great flexibility so the ability to access inventory stored in a  self storage unit at any time will be critical.
  • Vehicle storage - Storing commercial vehicles can sometimes be a hassle. Many homeowners’ associations (HOA) expressly forbid the storing of commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods. To get around this, business owners sometimes try to cover up the branding on the vehicle but even that can invite hefty fines from the HOA. Instead of risking the ire of the HOA, using business storage to put away these vehicles is a much better option. Businesses that own a fleet of vehicles can also benefit from vehicle storage as well. By using business storage for commercial vehicles, employees can have some peace of mind knowing they won’t have to find a place in their neighborhood to store work equipment. These vehicle storage options come covered and uncovered so that business owners can choose the right level of security.

Our business storage solutions include the following:

  • Quick, easy and convenient access – You have varied hours in which to conduct business which include before and after hours convenience. Some self storage business solutions even offer 24-hour operations so that you can access your items whenever it first meets your schedule. Some professions, such as contractors, tend to need access to units early in the morning. Having 24-hour access to business storage is critical for some industries.
  • Multiple location discounts – If you’re a large retailer with storage needs in multiple locations, we can accommodate you and provide multi-user discounts.
  • Around-the-clock security – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your inventory will be protected in a state-of-the-art, well-protected facility. We offer security cameras and guard protection. Some facilities even have a manager living onsite so you can rest assured there will always be someone on the property, which provides added security from potential break-ins.
  • Keypad entry - The majority of self storage facilities restrict entry to only those who have a self storage unit. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that only authorized persons will have access to the self storage grounds.
  • Well-trained, knowledgeable staff - The self storage managers and employees at the facilities we work with adhere to the highest standard for customer satisfaction. They are well-versed on all aspects of the self storage industry and are always available to help with the rental process.
  • Varied payment options – with our units, there is no long-term commitment. You have the unit for the amount of time you need. Month-to-month or longer, you have a variety of options available to you. There may also be discounts available if you plan on renting a business storage on a long-term basis.
  • Safe, clean environments – all of our facilities are well-lit and properly maintained to provide a pleasant environment for our customers.

You would be very surprised to know that our business thrives on commercial customers. There are many industries utilizing our storage options.

Some of them include:

  • Retail stores – Their overstock of inventory or pre-sale items are kept in a safe, secure location for easy access. Since self storage facilities offer 24-hour access options, business owners can access inventory whenever they choose to fit it into their busy schedule. 
  • School districts – Store school equipment, files, records, and more. We service a number of school districts and all their ever-growing self-storage needs.
  • Gardeners – Garden tools, riding mowers, mulch and more. Large corporations utilize our drive-up and outside storage options to conduct business on a daily basis.
  • Restaurants – They utilize our wine storage facilities and self-storage units to house tablecloths, napkins, extra utensils and more. Our climate-controlled self storage units also come in handy to ensure that wine is always stored at the perfect temperature.
  • Contractors – Our self-storage units are great for individuals who need storage for large equipment and tools. These business owners find that self storage is a great money-saving option since they can operate without ever needing to rent any actual office space. They can also use it to store files and an immense amount of paperwork.
  • Realtors/Corporate Apartments/Movers – With real estate, it’s always location, location, location. Our business storage options can give you the perfect location for storing all the signs, banners, and brochures necessary for real estate work. We work hand-in-hand with these clients to provide units for their new clients, for items that need to be moved while staging a home or apartment for rent or sale, and for extra space needed by apartment maintenance staff.

Whatever your needs are, can help. We have the right amount of space that your business needs to thrive. Find a self-storage location and unit type near you and get to storing! Whether you’re looking for climate-controlled units or other specialized options for your business - we have just what you are looking for. Search for a business or commercial storage unit by zip code and you will immediately have access to hundreds of reliable and conveniently located options.