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Cheap Self Storage Units

Self-Storage is a great way to store extra items without having them get in the way in your home or garage. Storage facilities have many individual storage units that can vary in size. They rent a storage unit on a monthly or lease basis. The key or code is given so the renter can access the usually gated community. Then the renter can use the unit, available in many different sizes, to store anything they want. There are almost 60,000 storage facilities in the United States and almost 10% of American families use self-storage units.


Who Uses Self-Storage?

There are endless reasons to use self-storage and they are safe and affordable. Renting a self storage unit is invaluable for reducing clutter both in the home, business, or office environment. There is a common misconception that self storage is mostly used by hoarders but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regular, everyday people often have self storage needs.  Having a self-storage unit, whether a large or mini storage space is needed, can prove beneficial for large and small home owners with too much stuff, filled garages that need cleaning, college students that need a place to store their dormitory possessions in-between semesters, and even business owners that need a space to store inventory or supplies. It can facilitate easy organization and even helps with time management. Renting a self storage unit is great for:

  • College students - College dorms are notoriously small so a little extra space is always useful. Students who attend college far away from home can utilize self storage to ensure that they can bring as many of their belongings with them without comprising the space in their already cluttered dorm rooms. Since college kids tend to be strapped for cash, renting a self storage unit can reduce the likelihood of needing to stock up on certain items that they can easily bring from home and store. Parents can buy the essentials in bulk and rent a self storage unit near to campus to ensure that they never run out of necessary items. A self storage unit can also be used to store the items in a door room during breaks. 

  • Storing vehicles - Have an old, vintage car that you absolutely love? Or, perhaps you have a vehicle that is not currently in use but you are not ready to sell it yet. Maybe your car is out of commission and the residence rules of your neighborhood forbid you from keeping it outside your home. Whatever the situation may be, renting a self storage unit provide a safe and secure place to store your vehicle. Climate-controlled self storage units, which can regulate the temperature, are a great option for storing vehicles

  • Small business owners - Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, extra space is always welcome. If your business involves inventory, then it may feel like your products are taking over your home when you work for yourself. A self storage unit can help small business owners get organized and free up extra space around the house. General contractors can use self storage units to store tools and equipment. Sales professionals can use them to store products. Just about any business owner that deals in physical products can use a self storage unit to make their lives a little easier. 

  • Moving or downsizing and other home-related projects - Imagine your lease expiring before you’ve found a new residence. This is a stressful situation that is all too common. Renting a self storage unit temporarily can help to offset some of the stress that is involved in the hectic moving process. If your new home is not yet ready, then a self storage unit is perfect while you get things sorted out. Additionally, if your new home is significantly smaller or you are just interested in downsizing without parting ways with your belongings - then look no further than a self storage unit. Self storage can also come in handy when remodeling your home. If you are working on a large-scale home improvement project and need a temporary place to put furniture, then a self storage unit is a convenient option for doing so. 

  • Security and insurance - If you store a lot of valuables at home but do not have the resources to invest in a safe, a self storage unit is a much cheaper option. A lot of self storage facilities have ample security so you can rest assured that all your items are safe. Renting a self storage unit can also be less expensive than renter’s insurance. The insurance provided by the self storage facility will help to replace items that are damaged or stolen. 

Is it Safe/Secure to Use a Storage Facility?

The storage facility you choose should clearly state how they will provide a secure experience for your stored possessions. Security for self storage units are not all created equally so it is important to do adequate research before choosing a self storage facility.  Many people store thousands of dollars worth of items in these self-storage units so it is important to compare the different companies and choose one that will keep your goods safe when looking for nearby self storage units. Contact the self-storage facility or take a tour and note if they have: 

  • A well-lit gated community - Whether or not you plan on accessing your self storage unit after business hours, adequate lighting is still important. It can be a deterrent to people who regularly prowl self storage facilities looking opportunities to break in due to lax security. 

  • Computer-controlled access - A reliable and well-run system is important for protecting your self storage unit and the items inside. When looking for self storage facilities, ensure that they have a high-quality control system that can monitor the unit effectively.

  • Surveillance cameras - When looking to rent a self storage unit nearby, cameras on the property are essential for keeping your items safe. They can help with providing much needed evidence in case of a crime. Also, like good lighting, they disincentivize people who sometimes scope out self storage units to break in.

  • On-site managers during certain hours - While cameras and sufficient lighting are great for keeping thieves away from your self storage unit, having a manager on-site is even better. Some self storage facilities in your area may even provide 24/7 onsite management. You should also ensure that the management is reliable and professional in the event of an emergency. Checking online reviews to see what other customers have to say about the self storage facility is an excellent place to start.

  •  Alarms on each storage unit - Most self storage units have a security system for the facility but you should also inquire about protection for units. Remember that anyone can rent a self storage unit and you will not always be aware of what other customers may be up to. An unscrupulous person may have access to the same self storage facility where you are storing your items. Therefore, alarms, in addition to your own locks, on each self storage unit are a great way to ensure you have peace of mind when storing your belongings.

Storage Unit Sizes

Each storage facility should offer different sizes to serve the varying needs of their community. A mini storage may be all you need, which can be a small locker 2 feet wide, 3 feet deep, and with a 3-4 feet high ceiling. Larger storage units can be anywhere from 5 to 30 feet wide, 30 feet deep, and with ceilings from 3 to 10 feet high.

Common storage unit sizes:

  • Locker: 2x3 feet

  • Small storage unit: 5x5 feet

  • Medium storage unit: 10x15 feet

  • Large storage unit: 10x50 feet

Leases / Fees

Most companies require signing a lease, similar to renting an apartment. Commonly storage unit leases are month-to-month, and do not require tenants to be obligated to long term leases. Fees and specials vary between companies, so it is important to compare rates before choosing a storage facility. Sometimes you could save money on a storage unit by renting upper floor, climate controlled storage unit or a drive-up, non-climate controlled storage unit. Make sure the size of the unit is large enough to house all your items; don’t choose a smaller unit to save money and then get a headache trying to fit everything in the too-small unit. It may even be helpful to get a size larger than you think you will need so that you will have enough room to move around within the unit and have the ability to store more items if necessary. When it comes to renting self storage, it is always better to have too much space than too little because there is always the possibility of acquiring more items that you will have to store. To save on costs, inquire about discounts. Many self storage facilities have ongoing promotions and there are lots of discounts available for new customers. You may also be able to negotiate better rates if you plan on using the unit for a long period of time.


There are thousands of storage unit facilities all over the United States. It is easy to do a quick search to find the storage facility nearest you. Just enter your zip code and get a free quote today.