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Six Tips for Moving to Nashville

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Six Tips for Moving to Nashville

As the capital city of Tennessee, Nashville is perhaps most famous for its legendary country music. Commonly referred to by such monikers as ‘Music City’ and ‘the home of country music’, it has been a staple of the music industry for decades. Having birthed the careers of legends such as Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, and Billy Ray Cyrus, it is no surprise that music tourism is one of the main drivers of its economy. It has an amazing nightlife and a host of exciting music and cultural festivals.

However, there is more to the most populated city in Tennessee than meets the eye. While its residents sure know how to have a good time, there is more to living here than just fun and games. If you’re considering a potential move to Nashville, there are many more reasons other than country music that would make it a very worthwhile place to call home. Here’s why we think you should definitely add Nashville to your list of possible destinations:

Diverse job market

Not everyone in Nashville makes a living singing country music. The technology and healthcare sectors are thriving. Those two sectors are considered the largest employers in the city. In fact, Tennesseans are banking on Nashville to outpace Silicon Valley in healthcare technology. Not interested in technology or healthcare? There is no need to worry as several large corporations are headquartered there as well. Companies like Bridgestone Tires and Vanguard have called Nashville home for years. It is also home to Fortune 500 companies like Dollar General, Hospital Corporation of American, and Community Health Systems. If the startup environment is more your speed, then Nashville has that as well. The Nashville Entrepreneurial Center provides a wealth of resources for anyone looking to learn more.

Public transportation leaves a lot to be desired

Unlike most major cities, Nashville’s public transportation system is not as advanced. There is no subway and the city is not serviced by AMTRAK. If you wish to utilize public transportation, a bus system goes all around the city. The Nashville Metro Transit Authority is doing its best to keep up with the rapid growth the city has experienced in the past few years. It has since introduced a light rail system, which gives residents an easier way to travel around the city. If you don’t already have personal transportation, you may want to make the investment before moving to Nashville. The city covers a very wide area so moving around without your own car could prove difficult. As the city continues to attract new people, you can expect the public transportation system to grow to meet the needs. However, it is best to be prepared since the public transportation system in Nashville is just not quite there yet.

Plan your budget wisely

As the 32nd most expensive city in the U.S., Nashville's cost of living can best be described as average. Whether or not you find Nashville affordable or incredibly expensive will have a lot to do with your previous city. As of October 2020, a family of four living in Nashville can expect to pay almost $3,500 in monthly expenses, and this excludes rent and mortgage payments. A single person in that same scenario will spend a little over $950. You can expect a one-bedroom apartment in the city to set you back as much as $1,400 per month. If you need a more in-depth accounting of how to budget for this move, then Expatisan provides a handy calculator for the cost of living in Nashville.

There aren’t a lot of neighborhoods

For a big city, Nashville has a small number of neighborhoods - 20, to be exact. This is much unlike other big cities like San Francisco or Houston, which have dozens of neighborhoods. However, this makes narrowing down a place to live somewhat easy. Some of the best neighborhoods in Nashville include Germantown, East End, and Downtown. However, the prices are quite steep in these areas. Residents shell out almost $2,500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. The further away you move from these areas, the rent (and quality) of the places will inevitably go down. Neighborhoods like Glencliff and Salemtown have apartments available for as little as $700 per month. For a happy medium, you can consider neighborhoods like Whites Bend and Melrose which offer apartments for as low as $1,000 per month.

Lots to see outdoors

Nashville will awaken the adventurer in you! With its subtropical climate, you can expect hot summers but fairly mild winters. This means that you can spend a lot of quality time outdoors. In the spring, there are lots of unexpected showers. On the upside, the sights that are created from the plants that result from the tropical weather are a wonderful sight to behold. If you love to spend time outdoors, then the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, which is the most visited park in the U.S., will most certainly appeal to you. If you aren’t a nature lover, we’re convinced that living in Nashville for just a few months will certainly convert you.

Yummy eats

The culinary tastes of the city are only rivaled by its world-renowned music. Rated as the number one Best City for BBQ by Travel + Leisure and one of the best cities for food by Rachel Ray, your taste buds won’t be bored here. The host of Zagat-rated restaurants provide excellent evidence of the South’s knack for amazing cooking. Despite the many food accolades that have been rightfully earned by Nashville, tasting is believing. If you decide to make Nashville your home, you can sample everything it has to offer - from fine dining at the Kanye Prime to cheap eats like Joey’s House of Pizza.

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