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Is it Safe to Move During This Pandemic?

Is it Safe to Move During This Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about the way people in America go about their daily lives. If a move is in your future, you may find yourself wondering if it is wise to tackle a move in light of the pandemic and the changes it has brought. In fact, many homeowners wonder if it is even possible to use traditional services, like a moving company or moving truck rental, during the pandemic. Here's a closer look at the safety of moving during the pandemic and what your options might be.

Should You Postpone Your Move Due to COVID-19?

Even though COVID-19 has significantly changed much for people over the past year, the reality is that life has continued moving forward. That means job transfers and other reasons that people have needed to move. In addition, mortgage rates have hit all-time lows, making many people think about moving. Whether you're moving because of the current mortgage industry rates or because of a change in your job, you may be wondering if you should go ahead and move or wait until the pandemic is a little closer to being over.

Thankfully, you can move safely during the pandemic. All it takes is a little bit of planning and research to make the move safe even in light of the coronavirus.

Moving Services and COVID-19

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses that were not considered essential had to shut their doors temporarily to try to stem the spread of the virus. Yet even during this time, moving companies were allowed to operate. Many people who face a move do not have the luxury of putting off their moving date, and thus moving companies were considered an essential business.

That said, in the year since the pandemic surfaced, moving companies have found ways to create more safety around what they do. For example, many ask their employees to wear masks and frequently wash their hands during a move. Many are taking measures to eliminate physical contact and close proximity between movers and homeowners.

The Risks of Moving During the Pandemic

With these safety measures in place, moving is fairly safe, even in light of the pandemic. The main risk of transmission of COVID-19 is with close contact between an infected person and someone else. The risk of your items carrying the virus and infecting you once you arrive at your new home is fairly low. While there is a risk any time you are around other people outside your family, the risk of moving and using a moving company is fairly low, provided the company uses safety protocols to eliminate unnecessary contact between your family and the movers.

However, if you are in a high-risk group, such as if someone in your home has a compromised immune system or over the age of 60, you may be better off postponing your move. You can also lessen your risk by moving on your own with a rented truck and not hiring movers to assist with the process.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

If you are going to tackle a move, consider interviewing potential moving companies to determine which ones are taking the best safety measures. Look for one that offers contactless payment options and has safety protocols in place. Many companies are also using virtual surveys to quote your move, eliminating the need for additional visits to your home to provide your move estimate.

Remember, if the moving company is not using safety protocols with your move, chances are they aren't with other people, and you could be putting your family at risk. If they are using safety protocols, then you can move forward with confidence that the move will be handled as safely as possible.

Renting a Moving Truck

If you don't feel comfortable having strangers in your home helping with a move, the other option is to rent a moving truck. Major moving truck rental companies have continued to operate throughout the pandemic, with physical distancing measures in place. For example, you may have to pick up and drop off the truck with no direct interaction with staff, or you may be asked to wear a mask. When choosing a truck company, ask about how they sanitize their truck cabs to ensure you will be protected.

Check the COVID-19 Policy

Before signing a contract with a moving company or truck rental, ask about their COVID-19 policy. They should have something, in writing, that shows their COVID-19 protocols and sanitation measures. You can also ask what their policy is if you should choose to cancel your move due to contracting COVID-19. Choosing companies with good plans in place is safe, but working with companies that are ignoring COVID-19 and necessary safety measures could put you at risk.

If you find yourself feeling unwell, contact your moving company or truck rental company right away.

Use Storage Units to Make the Move Easier

If you choose to rent a storage unit at some point in your move, you can handle the transition more easily. A storage unit gives you a place to store your stuff if you are waiting to close on your new home or have a delay in transit somewhere along the way. You can easily find a nearby storage facility, sign the contract and set up the rental from your home on your computer or phone, and eliminate any risks of contact. Then, all you need to do is bring your items and store them securely until the move is over.

Moving during the pandemic is safe, but there are some things you can do to make it just a little safer. If you feel that a storage unit could make your move easier, or if you find yourself in a bind while waiting to finalize part of your move, use to find and rent your storage unit. make your move just a little easier, all while still protecting yourself from COVID-19, with help from