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Five Small Businesses that can Use Self Storage

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Five Small Businesses that can Use Self Storage

Owning a small business is no easy feat. Along with long hours and personal sacrifice comes a lot of upfront and sometimes hidden costs. Therefore, up and coming entrepreneurs are always looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising the integrity of their brands. Small business owners who either deal with inventory or require a workspace never seem to have enough extra space for equipment or supplies. Instead of renting out expensive commercial space to store business supplies or work, self storage can provide a more budget-friendly solution.

Still wondering where you should start? Here are five small businesses that can benefit from using self storage:

General contracting and landscaping

Working with large tools and equipment means that they need to be stored at the end of every job. Most small time general contractors who are just starting out may not have the resources to rent a commercial warehouse to store their tools. They also may not need a large amount of space if they are only taking on small jobs. Renting a self storage unit can ease the burden of always trying to find a place to store equipment after a job is done. Landscaping and general contracting duties do not only take place during 9 - 5 hours and persons in these professions may need access to their tools and equipment either late at night or early in the morning. Many self storage facilities are open 24 hours so this means you can have access to your tools at any time.

Medical and pharmaceutical supplies

Medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives have to carry around samples all day. The high cost of these items make them a prime target for burglaries. Therefore, these reps are in need of a safe and secure place to store these valuable items that are needed for work. Self storage facilities that come with excellent security, on-site managers, well-lit grounds, and surveillance cameras can provide an added peace of mind to medical and pharmaceutical sales reps that their products will be well-guarded. Additionally, climate-controlled storage units will help to ensure that pharmaceutical supplies and medical products are protected from either extreme heat or cold as the weather changes throughout the year.

Real estate businesses

A lot of work goes into selling a home. Realtors don’t simply create an MLS listing and then leave things there. They need signs to promote both themselves and the homes they are trying to sell. Promotional items can easily add up and storing them around the home, especially as your client base grows, may not be a great solution. Renting a self storage unit can help realtors to eliminate clutter around their home and help create some much needed separation between home and business life.

Realtors aren’t the only ones in this line of work who can benefit from self storage. As home staging increases in popularity, so are the number of aspiring entrepreneurs who strive to help sellers create the best and most unique look for their home to increase interest among potential buyers. Home stagers can utilize self storage to store the required furniture and decor that they will need to satisfy their clients.

Product sales

Whether you are just launching your Etsy shop, have a seasoned e-commerce site, or conduct in-person sales, finding a place to store inventory is a top priority for any entrepreneur involved in product sales. Depending on the size and type of products you are selling, your business will eventually outgrow your home area. That’s a great problem to have since a growing business is a good thing! In order not to slow the momentum of the growth of your business, planning ahead and renting a self storage facility to store your products is a smart move. If you are selling valuable items, like jewelry for example, then storing them at home is a risky choice. If you don’t have sufficient home or renter’s insurance, then you will certainly be left in a tough position in case of theft. If you choose to place your items into self storage, then you can purchase sufficient insurance to protect the valuable items that are essential to running your business.

Self storage is also much cheaper than renting out an entire warehouse. Since small businesses are often not in the position to waste money, making smart and savvy decisions that keep costs down without compromising quality will help to set the business up for even more success in the future.

Content creator

Ever wonder how those Instagram influencers always have the perfect lighting and staging setup for their videos and pictures? Not everyone is able to break the bank and rent studio time. A self storage unit can provide a creative and unique way to set up staging environments to produce fun and unique content. Since video and captivating images rule social media content, a self storage unit can be the perfect place to set up and let the creative juices flow. The self storage industry is evolving to suit customers’ needs and there are no longer only drab, windowless options available. Some newer self storage facilities also provide added benefits to renters such as a multipurpose room, that can be used for even more content capturing and creative initiatives.

Utilizing self storage for your small and growing business can help to save money that can be used to grow your business. Large, commercial storage options have high fees attached to them and sourcing a good location if often an additional burden. Since self storage facilities are so popular, it is easy to find one practically every couple of miles. This means that whether you work from home or out of an office, you can almost always find a self storage unit to rent at a convenient location nearby.

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