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Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about our facilities and Please contact us if you do not find the answers you are seeking. We will be happy to assist any way we can:

  • How can I navigate your site?

    Our site is very easy to navigate! Our roll-over icons will direct you to the page you are seeking for more information. For tips and articles, click on our blog tab. To find a storage unit, simply enter your zip code or city, click the search button and our search generator will take it from there.

  • What is self-storage?

    Self-storage is when you are renting a facility or space to house your belongings on a temporary or long-term basis. There are many different types of units available which range from ordinary units which may store household goods, to specialty units which specialize in things like wine storage.

  • What is a drive-up unit?

    A drive-up unit is when you have access to your unit without having to enter a building. These are very convenient for individuals or industries that deal with heavy equipment or anything that requires the need for easy access. Loading is easier with an outside unit. These units are susceptible to outside elements.

  • What is an outdoor unit?

    An outdoor unit allows access from outside of a general building. Drive-up units fall into this category. Outdoor units also include covered and uncovered facilities which may house automobiles, trailers or boats.

  • What is a climate-controlled unit?

    A climate-controlled unit maintains a steady temperature for your belongings. It provides safeguards for storing electronics, papers, and offers protection from dust and dirt. These units are generally inside a larger facility.

  • Are there different sizes available?

    Yes. Each facility has a variety of sizes available for your use. You determine the size based on the amount of space you need to house your items.

  • What information would I need to rent a facility?

    You would need identification which includes up-to-date contact information. You will also need a viable form of payment and your move-in date. You should determine what size you need either prior to reserving your space or when you physically see the different sizes available.

  • Can I rent a facility long-distance?

    Yes. You can rent your facility from anywhere in the world as long as you have all the pertinent information and your space is paid for.

  • How do I pay my monthly bill?

    There are a variety of payment options available. Most facilities offer an online payment option, or you may mail your payment or call it in.

  • Is there on-site security?

    Yes. All of our facilities offer on-site, around-the-clock security to ensure the safety and protection of our patrons and their belongings.

  • How often can I access my unit?

    You can access your facility as often as you need to within the hours specified for your facility. Each facility operates differently, so hours may vary.

  • Can I rent my unit in advance?

    Yes, you can rent your unit in advance. It will be ready and waiting for you upon your arrival. All you have to do is sign your paperwork upon arrival.

  • Are there moving crews available or tools to help move my things?

    Some facilities may have the option of reserving a crew for you if prior arrangements have been made. All facilities are equipped with dollies and hand trucks for your assistance.

  • Do I have to purchase insurance?

    The purchase of insurance is at the discretion of the facility. It is offered for the protection and safety of your belongings while housed at the facility.

  • Can I cancel my contract at any time?

    Yes. Our facilities are month-to-month units unless other arrangements have been made.