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Cheap Document Storage Units

Document Storage

Even in the world of technology and multiple paperless options, there is a need for document storage. While storing documents in ‘the cloud’ has become increasingly popular, many people still opt for document storage to ensure that their most important documents are securely stored. Document storage is useful for both personal and business purposes. Items like legal documents, birth certificates, and other personal documents can be safely stored this way. Both small and large businesses often use document storage when the storage capacities around the office are no longer meeting the needs of staff.  When selecting document storage, consider the following tips to prepare your items and ensure they are protected and secure once in storage:

Ensure all paper files have a digital copy as backup

While your items will be safe in your self storage unit, it is always better to prepare for as many scenarios as possible instead of leaving anything to chance. Digital copies of all your files will ensure you still have access to them in the unfortunate event of damage to your self storage unit or the facility. When making these digital copies, employ proper security measures to guard against identity theft. Look for a reputable digital document storage service that will encrypt your document and keep them safe from potentially unscrupulous persons.

Create a list of all the documents and their digital equivalent so that they can be easily accessed whenever required. Even if you choose a  self storage facility with state-of-the-art security, unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters can still occur and render damage. Taking these steps ahead of time will ensure your business or personal documents will not be lost forever if they are accidentally damaged in storage.

Choose airtight containers and ensure papers are free from moisture

Even the smallest amount of moisture can have a devastating effect on documents in storage, especially if they are stored for a long period of time. Airtight containers will help to ensure that your documents are as safe as possible. The risk of mold or mildew is always greatly reduced with the use of these containers. Business utilizing document storage can even go a step further and store items on wooden pallets to be extra cautious in case the self storage facility gets flooded. As an added precaution, you may opt for water and fireproof containers, if possible.

When storing paper, there is a risk of damage if any small insects or rodents were to get in contact with them. Airtight containers will also offer some protection against this since it will be difficult for these small insects to gain access to your documents. Double check your storage container to ensure there are no small holes or crevices that can possibly be penetrated by small insects.

Pack and label documents securely and accurately

When packing documents, try not to force too many into one container. If you will be storing these documents for a long period of time, consider putting them into folders and limiting the amount of them that are stored together. Paper is prone to sticking together when stored for a long time if storage conditions are not optimal. Proper planning and packing will help to prevent damage in the future to your important documents in storage.

It is also important to label containers properly. Paying attention to the organization of your documents will be helpful when you have to retrieve them in the future. Use binders, folders, and proper storage containers and develop a color-coded system, if necessary. The amount of organization you will need when storing documents will largely be dependent on the volume you are storing. Businesses will likely need a more sophisticated storage organization system than the average person who is putting away personal documents in storage.

Use Climate-Controlled Units

Since papers can be susceptible to mold and mildew, it is always best to select this option when storing documents. The temperature control in these units will ensure that important documents are not damaged by cold or heat. Climate-controlled units maintain a steady temperature throughout the year, regardless of the conditions in the outside environment.

This usually ranges from 50 to 80 degrees. This is especially helpful if you are living in a state that experiences extreme cold or heat at various points in the year. When storing documents on a long-term basis, climate-controlled units are especially handy since there is a guarantee the temperature will remain constant for as long as the documents are inside the unit.

The cost for these units are slightly higher than regular ones but they are with the premium in the long run. If you are concerned about high costs, then talk to the self storage facility about possible discounts. If you will be utilizing document storage for a long period of time, it may be possible to negotiate a free month with the self storage facility in exchange for signing a long-term lease agreement.

Look for secure self storage facilities

Thoroughly evaluate the safety and security features of the self storage facility before making a decision to utilize document storage. If you will be storing private and sensitive information, such as customer data for a business, then pay special attention to the neighborhood and available security options of the self storage facility.

Features to look for include an on-site manager that is available outside of business hours, alarms on self storage units, security cameras, adequate lighting at nighttime, and an electronic gate with controlled access. Speak to the manager of the self storage facility to find out what steps are taken to ensure that only unit owners have access to the self storage units.

To do your own due diligence, you should always choose a high quality lock for your unit in the event that the safety features of the self storage facilities should fail. Also lock the items in your self storage units. You can use file cabinets and place a heavy item inside to anchor it down. This will make it hard to move in the event of a break-in and attempted theft of the items in your self storage unit. offers multiple document self-storage solutions to meet every need. Businesses, for instance, still need to keep documents for longer periods of time. Although they may operate their general office in a paperless environment, their records need to be stored. Using self-storage is very advantageous and cheaper than using a document storage company. With over 6,000 locations and millions of units available, we can service hundreds of thousands of corporations with their self-storage needs! Cheap Storage Unit!

With one of our units, you can be assured that your records will remain private. Confidentiality, especially when storing sensitive personal or financial documents, is key. We have climate-controlled, indoor and outdoor self-storage facilities, but for document storage, an indoor climate-controlled unit is recommended. You will have around-the-clock security and safety for your documents in a closely monitored environment.

Whatever your storage needs are, we have a self-storage unit that will ensure your document storage decision was the right one. At, customer satisfaction is our priority. It’s easy to find a location near you with the click of a button. Our facilities are top-notch, efficient and will decrease your costs over time with a long-term rental. Click and see why we’re so popular. It’s truly a U.S. Storage Units experience!